Secondary Nutrients



To increase crop yields, it is very important to improve soil physical and chemical characteristics like aeration, water holding capacity, percentage base saturation etc in addition to supply of essential plant nutrients in required and right proportions to crops. To improve these characteristics, essential chemical fertilizers should be added to the soil. Keeping physical, chemical characteristics in view, Greengold R&D has come out with a new fertilizer called " Greengold Kranthi". This fertilizer helps in improving the above mentioned soil characteristics. Greengold Kranthi contains secondary nutrients like calcium, magnesium and sulphur in adequate quantity. This fertilizer improves soil physical properties and controls chemical reactions in addition to their functions in plants.

Soil conditioner: This is a chemical fertilizer, improves soil physical property & Soil texture through maintaining soil particles consistency. It also controls soil pH.

Calcium: Calcium increases percentage base saturation in clay colloid complex and increases pH in acidic soils. Calcium is important for the growth of meristems and functioning of the root tips. Calcium is constituent of calcium pectate in the cell wall and maintains the integrity of the membranes. In seeds, calcium is present as calcium phytate. It also helps in absorption of other plant nutrients.

Magnesium: This also like calcium increases percentage base saturation in clay colloid complex. Magnesium helps in formation of chlorophyll and plays important role in photosynthesis.

Sulphur: Sulphur increases soil acidity. It helps in decreasing soil alkalinity. Sulphur is essential for the synthesis of certain amino acids and oils. It can be called as master of nutrients for oil seed production. It is present in amino acids like cystine, cystene, methionine etc

Benefits of Greengold KRANTHI

  • Greengold Kranthi improves soil texture.
  • Greengold Kranthi controls soil pH and play important role in increasing percentage base saturation.
  • Greengold Kranthi supplies all secondary nutrients to crops in adequate quantity.
  • Greengold Kranthi increases crop yield considerably. Therefore farmers can obtain higher profit.


Apply 50 kg Greengold Kranthi per acre.


Greengold Kranthi is recommended for all crops.


Greengold Kranthi is available in 10 kg, 50 Kg HDPE bags.