Organic products - Foliar Spray (Liquid form)


Bumper 4 in 1

Greengold Bumper 4 in 1 is a ecofriendly product containing natural nutrients, sea weed extract, amino acids and vitamins in liquid form and recommended as foiler spray. Bumper 4 in 1 is nontoxic to humans, animals and eco systems.

Benefits of Greengold Bumper 4 in 1

  • It controls thrips, jassids and mites in grapes, tea and all vegetable crops.


Dissolve 0.5ml of Bumper 4 in 1 per 1 liter of water and spray on both sides of leaves.


Available in 100ml, 200ml.



Greenphos is containing salts of phosphorus acid fortified with alkaloids of plant origin and organic acids like humic and fulvic acids.

Greenphos is a systemic organic fungicide and controls diseases like koleroga of arecanut,wilt disease of Black Pepper, Ginger,Turmeric and Betel Vine, downy mildew of cucurbits,Grapes and other vegetable crops, damping off disease of nursery crops effectively.

Recommended Dosage:

Dissolve 3 to 4 ml. of Greenphos in one liter of water and spray on both sides of leaves. 2-3 sprays are recommended with an interval of 15 days between sprays.

Time of application:

1) For plantation crops like Arecanut: Spray during pre and post monsoon. 2) For other crops : When crops are susceptible for diseases.



Available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter.