Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore was established in the year 2006 by a team of enterpreneurs. The intended core business of Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. is agricultural and biotech research and manufacturing of products to help and contribute largely to the farming community in increasing crop production year after year. Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing mainly secondary and micronutrient fertilizers and bio-products and marketing these products under the brand name "Greengold" in India.

Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. has a state of art R & D facility with a team consisting of several scientists continuosly striving towards improving existing products and innovating new products. Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. is having well equipped laboratory to test the consistency and quality of the products. All the equipments are calibrated periodically and well maintained. Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. follows a stringent proven quality methodology in every step of its product life cycle from research and development till it reaches the farm lands. Each and every ingredient is tested for various parameters before being used in the manufacturing.

Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. products are being tested in the field by various agencies, agricultural universities, research institutes etc. before launching the products, thus protecting the interest of the farmers. Company is proud to be associated in the welfare and growth of farmers in India and our farming patrons are growing year after year. Goldfarms Plant Tech Pvt. Ltd. conducts farmers meetings, field demonstrations and group discussions to update the latest happenings in the agricultural field and educates the farmers to use the products effectively. The brand name "Greengold" is very popular among farming community. Our technical knowledge, experience and quality commitment has earned a goodwill for the products from farmers, dealers and distributors. Company's strength being uncompromised quality of the products and its uncomparable marketing network.

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Our Corporate Office

Whats new?

We at GREENGOLD are committed to the farming community for giving quality micro nutrients and farm inputs like bio fertilizers, pesticides and agro accessories.

Our Achievement

Our products are well accepted by the progressive farmers and our increasing turnover is the testimony to the quality of our products and acceptance in the market. Today our turnover has increased ten folds over first year's turnover due to quality and service.

Board of Directors

Mr. S. K. Garg
Mr. S. K. GARG

A seasoned industrialist and businessman - joined Goldfarms to strengthen the team both financially and with business experience

Dr. G. N. Raju
Dr. G. N. Raju
Technical Consultant

A plant physiologist - a disciple of Dr.Swaminathan the famous plant scientist.

Mr. G. Chandrakrishna
Mr. G. Chandrakrishna
Director - Marketing operations

A Marketing genius.